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Move your brand into peak position.

Welcome to Solstice HealthCommunications

The healthcare world has never been a more challenging space in which to compete and thrive. What a Brand needs to succeed in this environment is a powerful force that will move it into its ideal position.

Solstice HealthCommunications offers our pharmaceutical and healthcare clients sound strategic solutions that set the stage for change and growth. Through effective planning, communication and management, we strive to harness the fundamental forces of the market to help you realize the greatest potential for your Brand.



Who we are

Move your brand into peak position.

Our philosophy

In astrological terms, the solstice is either of the two times a year when the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator. In human terms, it has come to be known as a turning point.

We believe that every Brand can experience a turning point, a time to realize its potential and put a great distance between itself and the other players.

Solstice HealthCommunications was founded on the vision that a Brand has the potential to be elevated to its peak position over a significant amount of its lifecycle. The trick is evaluating the Brand and its competitors while being able to read the climate of the market. We’ve spent our careers doing just that.

Our difference

The people behind Solstice have the varied skill sets you’d expect from any full service agency:

  • High-level strategic thinking
  • Essential relationships with key opinion leaders
  • Comprehensive medical direction
  • Fresh and effective creative
  • An exceptional grasp of social media

What you might not expect is the level at which we combine these skills to achieve a single Brand voice. Our methods identify and match strategic positioning with imperatives in the market and weave them into tactical programs that trigger your Brand’s turning point and make it outstanding.

Woman Owned Business certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council


What we do

Move your brand into peak position.

Find the right path for your brand

Solstice HealthCommunications offers comprehensive support to help you find the right path for your Brand. The services we offer are customized for each Brand, so that we can optimize its position on the multi-level playing field of today’s market:

  • Premarket, prelaunch, and launch planning
  • Global branding and positioning
  • Market research
  • Strategic and tactical development
  • New media solutions
  • Business development
  • Professional advertising and promotions
  • Consumer advertising and promotions
  • Brand lifecycle management
  • Sales training and communications


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Move your brand into peak position




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